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Can Do, A Collection of Inspirational Quotes for Teens and Young Adults is our top selling collection of thought provoking, motivational quotes  for teenagers. Guaranteed to spark an internal revolution in you. This powerful book will inspire a life changing, can do attitude that will cause you to strive to be all you can be. Targeted at youths, especially teenagers, but very relevant to all ages and hence a book for life. These quotes have motivated me and still trigger fresh zeal for life every time I read them. Self doubt will fade away and you will soar with a renewed Can Do attitude.
One of the top books for teenagers.

Publisher: Okid Publishing (10 JLY 2015)
Language: English

Editorial Review From Amazon

Fantastic idea - a perfect gift for teenagers. A must have for all school libraries -- O. A Peters, retired International School Principal 

Great book; an inspiration to teenagers and young adults living in this fast paced generation. I'm quite happy to distribute this to every teenager I know. It's an easy read and every teenager will benefit in one way or another from reading this book. This is a great gift for teenagers. -- Theodore Anatogu, parent 

BRAVO! this book summarizes the message we should be sending out to the next generation on the principles of success. Every teenager in the country should have a copy. An easy read just the right size; Perfect. Betty Kurankyi, Youth Worker 

Product Description 

Are you looking for ways to motivate your teenager but find that today's culture seems to encourage complacency. Do you want to inspire confidence and educate them on values that that make for success in life, equip them to be come successful adults or educate them on time tested values for success as opposed to the fame - crazed `misconceptualization' of success today? This book of carefully selected quotes by world successful figures from both ancient and modern times, rings the age old ethics, habits and principles that make for success. 

From ancient leaders to biblical authors to modern day leaders and sports personalities. The message is clear : success requires hard work, focus, commitment, right company, tenacity. There are many voices in this book, but the message is one, and they speak to the reader, inspiring, encouraging, correcting and guiding and moulding as they are formed into the adult that they will become. 

These voices need to heard now more than ever, where the media and society have made our teenagers believe that life is what they see on TV. The voices can be likened to a reality call, an assurance that old and tested routes to success can not be ignored in favour of the fast food approach to `elusive' success. 

A perfect gift for a teenager or young adult, but in reality, this book will motivate people of all ages to reach out for more. 

Can Do is an easy read and a book for life, not one to be outgrown. 

For the teenager:

  • This book will inspire you 
  • Push you to take action
  • Make you see that you alone are responsible for yourself
  • Encourage you when you fall 
  • And for the already successful teenagers, it teaches you not to rest on your oars, keeps you moving even when you are winning. 
  • It will help you laugh at yourself not beat yourself when you err
  • And you will find that the journey to success in life is what you make of it
  • But most especially you will gain confidence that comes with your new found attitude: the `Can Do' attitude

A cross section of the voices in Can Do: 

Winston Churchill
Henry Ford 
Lance Armstrong 
Thomas A. Edison
Margaret Thatcher
Bill Gates
Maya Angelou
Vera Wang
John Wooden
Warren Buffett
Arsene Wenger
Alexander Graham Bell
Zig Ziglar
Oprah Winfrey
David Oyedepo
Benjamin Franklin
Abraham Lincoln
John F. Kennedy
Irving Berlin
Henry David Thoreau
Jesse Owens
Ralph Marsto 
Richard Templar
Muhammad Ali
Joe Namath
Michael Jordan
Andre Agassi
Barack Obama
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Tony Dorsett
Pablo Picasso
Martin Luther King, Jr.
George Edward Woodberry
W.Somerset Maugham
Mark Twain
Christopher D. Furman
2 Timothy 
Malcolm Forbes
J.Paul Getty
Bill Cosby
Anthony J. D'Angelo
Ross Perot
Benjamin Disraeli
Earl Wilson
William Feather
Joe Paterno
Ayn Rand
B.C. Forbes
Albert Einstein
Thomas Fuller
Abraham Lincoln
Sam Ewing
Ann Landers
Booker T. Washington
Ann Lander
Vince Lombardi 
Mary Kay Ash
Paul Brown
Cotton Fitzsimmons
Walt Disney
John Gale
Henry John Heinz

Be warned! This little book will change your attitude. Self doubt will fade away, and you will soar will a renewed can do attitude.

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