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It Starts with Setting Goals

Every great achievement starts with setting goals.

Don’t be intimidated by the word ‘goals’ It simply means making up your mind on what you want and when it will be done. Goals still needs to be: Clear (what is is exactly you want  to achieve?), Measurable (so you can gauge if you have achieved them or not), Time Bound (When you plan to achieved them. it could be a day, a month, 10 years, a life time?) and they need to be written.

But why do you need to set goals?
Here are 5 reasons why every teenager should set goals.

1. Switching off outside noise (phones, social media, game,TV. You know what your distractions are!) and settling down to write what you want to do forces you to think about what you really like or are drawn to. It helps you get in touch with your real self and draw from somewhere deep within you on what you really want to do or be.  

Nobody knowns you like you do, but sometimes the noise around us is so much that we don’t even hear our inner selves speaking to us. - Get in touch with you. turn off all distractions and write down a goal for this week, month, year, or even your life time goals. Here's a helpful guide on Finding your Purpose specifically created for teenagers.

2. Setting goals helps you direct your focus. When you have a destination, it automatically points you in the direction you should be heading. It gets you thinking about how to get there. You may not have all the details at first, but you at least have an idea where to start.

3. Once you start setting goals and achieving them, it boosts your self confidence. You start to believe in yourself and your ability to get things done. This in turn makes you set more goals and achieve them. Yeah, you're on a roll! This is how champions are made. 

4. if you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true? The process of setting goals actually involves visualisation of what could be. You don’t necessarily have to tilt your head back and gaze into space, but what you are really doing is dreaming. Envisioning what could be. Every great product, invention or achievement  was first seen only in the eyes of the dreamer(s). Dreaming is the first step in setting goals. Make sure you don’t just visualise, it - Write it down!

5. Setting goals puts you in the top 1% of teenagers and dramatically increases your chances of success in life. An Harvard study conducted on effects of setting goals on members of an MBA class showed that those students who had goals out-performed those with no goals. However, those with written goals performed even 10 times better in life than those who had not written down their goals.

Start the habit of setting goals today. Remember, you won't be a teenager forever and forming success habits like goal setting increases your chances of success in life.

Posted on November 12, 2015 and filed under Goals.

What Can You Do Before This Year Ends

Yes you CAN DO and  WILL DO; in fact we agree with you that you MUST DO!
Motivate yourself with this inspirational wear and send a message to all around you that you're not giving up on 2015.
As the year draws to an end, it's time to put in that last effort into accomplishing the goals you set in January. You've made up your mind that you're not giving up! Now shout it from the roof top (sorry) from your T Shirt!
Now is not the time to slow down you still have some fight left in you before 2015 ends.

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